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06-05-2016 :

CoRec Game 1
9:00 am : Forest Park Fields

Welcome to GRSL

GRSL is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 with the objective to provide Gainesville Florida and the surrounding communities with an organized avenue to play adult co-recreational soccer. The organization was instrumental in the development of the three fields at Forest Park and has continued to contribute to Alachua County Parks and Recreation in the fulfillment of its management agreement. With participation of over 600 players, the league hosts twenty four co-rec teams and eight women's teams in three seasons throughout the calendar year. There are three divisions of play accommodating a wide range of skills and experience – play is recreational but very competitive. Games are typically scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and are officiated by state certified referees.

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GRSL Recent News

Spring '16 Season

First playing date it penciled in for January 24th.

Meeting # 1 will be held Tuesday, January 12th @ 6:00pm at Forest Park pavillion.

This meeting is 1000% mandatory for all returning teams. Each team must also provide their 300$ deposit at this time. Failure to show or failure to have your deposit can possibly result in your loss of a spot in the Spring season. We have a few new teams interested in joining, so please do not take this lightly.

If your team has no intention of returning for Spring, please let us know asap!

Posted on 1-11-2016 by GRSL

Spring '15 Season

The first meeting of the Spring 2015 season will be on Monday, January 12th at 6pm at Forest Park

If you can not personally attend, you need to send a representative. Also, you must have your 300$ deposit with you as well. Check or money order.

Meeting #2 is Monday, January 19th 6pm at Forest Park.

First playing date is January 25th.

Posted on 1-5-2015 by GRSL

Fall '14 Season

Congratulations to The Benjamins for winning the Womens 6v6 regular season and to Soccerholics for winning the Womens 6v6 Tournament Championship!

Posted on 12-7-2014 by GRSL

Fall '14 Season

Check out the Womens 6v6 facebook group

Posted on 3-21-2014 by GRSL

Spring '14 Season

The remaining games Scheduled for Today 2/23 HAVE BEEN CANCELLED

Makeup game dates/times well be worked out and posted by Tuesday

Posted on 2-23-2014 by GRSL

Spring '14 Season

CoRec Spring matches are scheduled to start January 26th

Posted on 1-9-2014 by GRSL

Spring '14 Season

The first CoRec Spring meeting will be Wednesday, January 8th @ 5:30pm at Forest Park.

This meeting is mandatory for all returning teams. Not attending the meeting will result in your team losing their spot in the league, as we will consider your absence as a way of letting us know your team is not returning. If you cannot attend, please send someone in your place to represent your team.

Also, like former seasons, a $300 deposit is also required to hold your spot. However, due to the somewhat short notice of the meeting, if you come and do not have the $300 deposit this first meeting, we will still let you hold your spot (your attendance being your "deposit" for this meeting). However, you absolutely have to bring it to the second meeting. Failure to have your team deposit by the second meeting will result in your team not having a spot in the league for Spring.

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Again, this meeting is mandatory. Please be there on time. We will probably start around 5:40pm.

Posted on 1-6-2014 by GRSL

Fall '13 Season

Womens results are here Standings are here

Posted on 9-15-2013 by GRSL

Fall '13 Season

CoRec first week results are here Goals and Cards are here

Posted on 9-11-2013 by GRSL

Fall '13 Season

CoRec Play begins 9/8 Regular Season Schedule is here

Posted on 9-3-2013 by GRSL

Summer '13 Season

Games will be back at Forest Park beginning this Sunday 7/21

Posted on 7-16-2013 by GRSL

Summer '13 Season

The Tournament Schedule has been set

Posted on 7-1-2013 by GRSL updated at 5:57 pm

Summer '13 Season

Games will continue to be played at the Sante Fe fields until 7/21 when we will be back at Forest Park

Posted on 6-24-2013 by GRSL

Summer '13 Season

The June Schedule has been updated

Posted on 6-14-2013 by GRSL

Summer '13 Season

The Field Lining Schedule in pdf

Posted on 6-9-2013 by GRSL

Summer '13 Season

The first games of the Summer Season are scheduled to be played on the 6/1 and 6/2

Posted on 5-15-2013 by GRSL

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Posted on 1-13-2013 by GRSL