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10-23-2021 :

Field lining
8:00 am:
Forest Park:
Crash FC & Gainesville Hotspur FC

Field lining
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Cone Park:

10-17-2021 :

CoRec Match 7
8:00 : Forest Park
Cone Park

Welcome to GRSL

GRSL is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 with the objective to provide Gainesville Florida and the surrounding communities with an organized avenue to play adult co-recreational soccer. The organization was instrumental in the development of the three fields at Forest Park and has continued to contribute to Alachua County Parks and Recreation in the fulfillment of its management agreement. With participation of over 600 players, the league hosts twenty four co-rec teams in three seasons throughout the calendar year. There are three divisions of play accommodating a wide range of skills and experience – play is recreational but very competitive. Games are typically scheduled on Sundays and are officiated by state certified referees.

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GRSL Recent News [  Spring 2020  ]

Spring 2020 Season

Latest CoRec Goals and Cards are here

Posted on 03-11-2020 13:31:14 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

We plan on having a Fall 2021 Season beginning on Sunday August 29th

Posted on 06-12-2021 14:35:09 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

Captains and Partners:

We hope that all of you are doing well, staying healthy, and protecting yourselves and your families from COVID.

»During our 9/1 Board Meeting, we discussed all of the COVID health risks, challenges, logistics, and other concerns about completing a fall season.
»Our board decided unanimously that the potential exposure and spread of COVID to our players, referees, and other close contacts is too great of a risk for our league to undertake at this point.
»Any individual who contracts the Coronavirus would be exposed to a serious risk to their short-term and long-term health. Further, we probably won't have access to a vaccine for multiple months, and we do not want our league to become a conduit for this virus and the potential harm to your family, co-workers, and teammates.
»The City of Gainesville has forbade organized leagues from having inter-league play on their fields for the immediate future. They are allowing small groups to play for now, but they were also not comfortable with our league attempting to convene 20+ teams at Forest Park/Cone Park for multiple weekends in a row.
»Additionally, we were concerned about the return of UF students to Gainesville, and the spread of the COVID virus. Not surprisingly, we've seen an increase in COVID cases over the last two weeks in Gainesville and may be facing additional cases as the semester continues.
»As our league has multiple teams of college students, we would likely be faced with an untenable situation of quarantining entire teams (from playing) if any individual players became sick during league play. This would lead to forfeits and other logistical challenges.
»Ultimately, we felt that our volunteer board and you, as captains, would be shouldering a great deal of responsibility with a limited amount of resources to organize and execute all of the precautionary measures that would have been required of us by the CDC, USSSA, et al.

»Our board is continuing to meet each month, monitor this situation, and prepare for starting in the Spring season. We will continue to keep you updated on a future start date in January or February of 2021.
»We would like to hold a Zoom meeting with any interested captains toward the end of September to discuss the current situation, our future potential schedule, and a couple new/opening positions on our board of directors. We'll send out additional information on this meeting in the near future.

*If you have a question or comment, please email us individually, and NOT the entire captain's list. We appreciate your attention to this request.

Updated FL Dept. of Health Dashboard: (500,000+ cases)


Thank you. Wash Your Hands. Wear A Mask. We Miss You All.

GRSL Board

Posted on 09-10-2020 13:27:48 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

We hope that all of you are doing well and staying healthy during this difficult COVID crisis.

-Our board has unanimously decided to suspend the start of the Fall season until
AT LEAST Sunday, October 4th.
-Our board will meet again on Tuesday, 9/1/20 to review this potential start date and make one of the following determinations:
a. Take steps to start the season,
b. Suspend the season for an additional month, or
c. Cancel the Fall season entirely.

-We will be reviewing the City of Gainesville's updated park restrictions, the USSSA "Return to Play" requirements, updated State of Florida/CDC restrictions/guidelines, referee availability, gauge team/player interest, and determine the feasibility of any type of play.

-We have also been advised that the local gov. restrictions on league play have NOT been lifted on any parks or fields within Alachua County for the immediate future.

-We have discussed the possibility of playing a 7 game or a 5 game regular season only, with the season ending on Sunday, 11/22 (before Thanksgiving Sunday). This is partly due to UF's desire to not have students return to campus after Thanksgiving.

-We are asking each of you to consider the potentially harmful impact of organizing scrimmages, practices, or other informal playing in large groups and without following the CDC's guidelines.

We appreciate that everyone wants to start playing competitively again, but we have serious concerns about promoting the spread of a contagious virus and the significant influx of UF/SFC students from other locations with a higher rate of infection.

-If any existing GRSL teams have already decided to not play this Fall, please email John Malanchuk directly.

Updated FL Dept. of Health Dashboard: (500,000+ cases)


Thank you. Wash Your Hands. Wear A Mask. We Miss You All.

GRSL Board

Posted on 08-06-2020 09:26:01 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

Summer Season Cancelled
We hope that all of you are doing well and staying healthy during this difficult time.

We discussed the possibility of organizing a shortened Summer Season during our May 26th board meeting and have decided for a variety of reasons that this will not be feasible or in the best interests of our players' health.

Based on the responses that we received from Santa Fe College, the City/County, USSSA (our governing/insuring body), and the current status of the virus, we determined that our league would best be served by not playing formally this summer.

All of us are eager to start playing again, so please start thinking about the Fall season. We will have a lot to cover at the Fall Captain's meeting with board position changes, rule changes, scheduling, etc.

Thank you.
GRSL Board

Posted on 05-26-2020 20:35:11 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

-We will NOT be having our Summer Captain's meeting on Thurs, 4/30.
-We are still hoping to salvage the summer season. However, this may not happen.
-The City of Gainesville, Santa Fe College, and USSSA must give their approval for us to hold games before we can consider having a summer season.
-Stay Safe!

Posted on 04-28-2020 22:25:02 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

We hope that all of you are staying healthy and continue to follow
the CDC, the WHO, and our local government for updates.

We have POSTPONED the Thursday, 4/16, 630pm Summer Captain's meeting until Thursday, 4/30, 630pm at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Trinity is shut down through 4/17 at a minimum. Further, we may need to push this meeting back further for a variety of reasons. We'll keep you informed.

Thank you.

GRSL Board

Posted on 03-29-2020 13:11:42 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

All GRSL games have been cancelled for the Spring 2020 season as our sanctioning body, USSSA, has suspended all sanctioned events at least until the end of April.
We are asking all teams to suspend practices as this situation progresses based on various governmental mandatory policies, etc... Please stay safe!
-GRSL board

Posted on 03-17-2020 22:26:32 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

The City of Gainesville's Parks and Recreation Department has
announced the closing of multiple parks, including Cone and Forest Park for several weeks. These closures may be extended depending on the progress with the COVID-19 situation.

Thus, we have cancelled ALL games on Sunday, 3/29 and Sunday, 4/5.

We will discuss the remainder of the spring season, but it's unlikely we will be playing any formal league games for the rest of the Spring season. Sunday, 4/12 is also OFF due the the Easter weekend.

Some of the city's parks will remain open for individual or small group usage:

Posted on 03-16-2020 21:19:08 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

ALL GRSL games for this Sunday, 3/15, Are CANCELLED

After a robust and difficult conversation this evening, the GRSL Board
has decided to cancel ALL GRSL games for this Sunday, 3/15, due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus.

The GRSL will also remain off on Sunday, 3/22, due to the Alachua County Public Schools Spring Break. This is a planned holiday and was an off date on our original schedule.

The GRSL Board will reconvene during the next two weeks to discuss all potential paths forward for the Spring season.

Please email us directly with any questions or concerns. We will discuss any tertiary concerns related to team credits, suspensions, and other issues after our next meeting. Please remain patient with us as our primary goal is to put the health of our players, families and community above all other concerns.

Please take all appropriate health precautions as directed by the CDC, which you can find here:

GRSL Board

Posted on 03-13-2020 19:41:51 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

-We are not changing any of the season schedule at this point. Please plan to show up and participate in your games as scheduled. If this absolutely must change, we will let you know.

-Our board is discussing an appropriate response to all concerns related to this virus.
-We are reviewing UF's decision to "encourage" UF students to return home until March 30th and discussing the implications to our teams and league play.
-For this week's game, 3/15, all current rules/policies will remain in effect.

Thank You
GRSL Board

Posted on 03-12-2020 18:00:04 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

Check out the GRSL Spring 2020 News Letter

Posted on 03-06-2020 22:17:42 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

-Your team will lose 1 point in the standings if you have not paid IN FULL by Thursday, 10pm.
-No exceptions will be made. This date has been set for months.

-Please complete your roster changes before 10pm. All rosters will remain locked after
this Thursday.

Posted on 01-28-2020 22:08:57 by GRSL

Spring 2020 Season

Spring Season starts on Sunday 1/12/20

We will be playing at Forest Park


Fred Cone Park

Posted on 01-04-2020 22:26:20 by GRSL