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Summer 2024 Season

Remaining Summer Key Dates:
Thursday, 6/20, 5:00pm. REMAINING SUMMER TEAM FEE ($600) DUE VIA QUICKBOOKS Invoice emailed to Captains.
* You will lose 2 points in the standings if not paid in full by this deadline.
* Total team fee is $950 for Summer
* Any failed payments (ie: insufficient funds, etc.) will result in a $10 fee that will be paid with the balance of the invoice.
Sunday, 6/30 Last Regular Games
*No more roster changes for any reason will be allowed. Got Sport will remain locked for the remainder of the Summer Season.
Sunday 7/7, 7/14, 7/21. Summer Group Stage (Tournament) Games.
Sunday, 7/28. Semifinals.
Sunday, 8/04. Third Place Game/Finals.
* Weather may result in the schedule running into August.
SUSPENSION BUYBACKS: Payment must be received before 10:00 pm the Thursday prior to the game in question for the suspension buyback to take effect. Email [email protected] and request an invoice; include player name and team name.
ROSTER CHANGES: Thursday, 10:00 pm before the next game. Captains MUST update your Got Sport roster online.

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